Participatory Design

Please join us in building a website and network to explore the true costs of energy extraction and production. The platform we envision will help us to answer questions for which communities seek answers, such as:

  • Are jobs associated with energy production for local people, and are they secure?
  •  What are the impacts of energy production on local and traditional livelihoods that depend on the land?
  •  What is the effect of energy development on local incomes, wealth, landownership, and poverty rates?
  •  How much public revenue comes from the extraction of energy resources and how is the revenue used?
  •  What are effects of energy production on crime, substance abuse, violence against women, corruption, and other social problems?
  •  What are the impacts of energy production on health and education?
  •  Can we measure the impacts of energy production on cultural values and way of life?

We invite you to become a reviewer for the Energy Collaboratory,  in order to: 

  • offer feedback on Energy Collaboratory web pages;
  • identify shortcomings of existing datasets;
  • pose questions that are unaddressed by existing data;
  • share statistically significant correlations you discover through analysis based on our datasets;
  • improve existing tools and develop new indicators and kinds of data;
  • imagine new ways to design and conduct the research needed for effective policy making, planning, and development; and
  • swap stories and photos.

If you would like to be a reviewer for the Energy Collaboratory, either on a one-time or on-going basis, please email

List of current reviewers: Teri Blanton, Alliance for Appalachia; Jane Branham, Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards; Ernesto Brown, US Environmental Protection Agency; David Casagrande, Lehigh University; T. Allan Comp, US Department of the Interior; Jeremy Crampton, University of Kentucky; Erin Eldridge, Fayetteville State University; Marla Emery, US Forest Service; Lynda Farrell, Pipeline Safety Coalition; Erika Gavenus, University of California-Berkeley; Paul Gellert, University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Carol Judy, Fair Trade Appalachia; Kenneth Klemow, Wilkes University; Aranzazu Lascurain, Southeast Climate Science Center; Jennifer Lawrence, Virginia Tech; Kathy Lynn, University of Oregon; Sara Moore; Dana Powell, Appalachian State University; Samantha Rubright, FracTracker; Shaunna Scott, University of Kentucky; Kathy Selvage, Appalachian Voices; Christine Shearer, CoalSwarm; Roy Silver, University of Kentucky; Garrit Voggesser, National Wildlife Federation; Thomas Walker, Goucher College; Emily Williams, University of California-Santa Barbara; Anna Willow, Ohio State University.


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