beta version for review - work in progress

Welcome to the Energy Collaboratory: 

A platform to find the true cost of energy extraction and production, and 

imagine a path for a just transition to a post-carbon economy.

What We Do

Make available official government and scholarly datasets on coal, oil, gas, solar, wind, and geothermal energy production (beta version of website only includes coal datasets. Datasets for other energy sources will be included after initial review and collaborator input).

Build collaborations and create a platform to share data and analysis from frontline communities, citizen scientists, scholars, and government.

How to Use This Site

The Data Gallery pages contain maps and graphics of location-specific impacts of different forms of energy extraction and production. 

Visit the Participatory Design page to participate in our website design process and build this platform with us!

On the Knowledge Exchange page, view and share videos, stories, photos, resources, and writings that connect real life stories with existing datasets.

This is a project of the Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network (LiKEN). LiKEN’s Citizen and Scholarly Review Boards will provide oversight to ensure quality control of data.

Interconnectedness of energy production & society